Black swan wings, highlighting the dark pride of the gothic

The conceptualization of the choice of clothing used in the filming industry is becoming noticeable in modern fashion. It changes the setting and style which the film presents to the audience. There is an in-depth relationship and the type of clothing and what the character wants to display. Most filmmakers would try to find the best outfit for every scene. Daren Aronofsky who is an American screenwriter and filmmaker is noted for his melodramatic and surreal films in the way he applied social anthropology.

Well, The black wing of the black swan contained its pride that can’t profane. The style brings a connection between the audience and the realistic setting of the movie. Natalie Portman who is the protagonist in the Black swan accurately portrayed willowy ballerinas by being traditional and eccentric. Natalie Portman portrays herself as being sexually naive, vulnerable, beautiful and a victim of her mental illness. The director characterized her strong obsessions which were the ultimate cause of her self destruction. 

Nina had to play her dark side role as anxiety and hallucinations took over her innocent personality. The films try to bring out the aspect of fear of the body, penetration, love of dance, fear of being replaced in the affection of a powerful man.

The kind of costume Nina wears was specifically used to highlight the change in personality. The clothing reflects her transition from good to bad which can be seen in the color of clothing. It is noticeable that as Nina becomes more mentally corrupted her hair comes down and the clothing darkens. When the movie begins Nina is seen wearing white clothing which is a symbol of kindness and purity. She starts wearing black clothing during the transition to symbolize a seducer, evil and mystery.

The clothing Nina uses shows image transition. This depicts that clothing reflects the personality of the character. Additionally, Nina imitates black and white swans as she dances and the focus is on the changes in clothing. The Black swan fashion blends in classic elements with black being the dominant and accents of cream, light melange.The black swan tries to illustrate the freedom of arrogant beauty.It is more than the psychological thrill because it is stylistically inspirational with the designed costumes to fit the ballet scenes.

Black swan fashion basics are heavily based on the contrast between light and dark colors. Therefore, to bring out this, there was a need to emulate the color palette of grays and blacks to bring out the black swan and white, peaches, creams and pink for the white swan.

Gothic jewelry

Gothic jewelry blends in very well with the black wing elements such as Gothic backpacks, earrings, and rings. Let us explore accessories that Gothic style presents:


Gothic Ring brings in a sense of class and taste. Gothic rings embrace the Gothic lifestyle with stunning vintage styles. Most people think the Gothic style is entirely based on black clothes but it is more than that.It is richly symbolic.The ring designs are based on the specialized design with heavy symbolism which creates meaningful and beautiful rings.

There are two main types of Gothic style rings:-

1.    Those that symbolizes horror based on Gothic culture

2.    Those that symbolizes romance based on Gothic medieval movements.

These rings various designs such as:-

-Detailed scrollwork

-Filigree patterns particularly vines or flowers
-Bold metalwork and colored gemstones

-Imagery and designs of skulls, snakes, dragons, etc


Gothic bags also embrace the black color of the Gothic lifestyle.The bags are of good quality which features black leather and black/silver embroidered straps.
The use of Rivets in the design of these bags is popular. These rivets can be skull rivets which exist in silver or dark brown color as in the case of steampunk dark brown rivet outdoors bag. These bags also have various patterns like cat patterns, white skull patterns, Black
hawk patterns, pentagrams, and dragons.


Gothic style is also portrayed in the earrings. They complement Gothic wear.You will not miss black tassel lace on these earrings. Some also have black or white pearls. Additionally, some features include white lace Gothic tassel, Black lace Red rose, punk eternal wings crystals with pendulum and black retro artificial leather heart-shaped. All these works towards a common goal of making your earrings look glamorous.

In modern fashion, the Gothic style is trending which is characterized by an abundance of silver and black Gothic jewelry. The materials which are commonly used include the mesh, leather, vinyl, silk, and velvet. Additionally, color combination is also essential for example red or white with black.The coloring laced on the Gothic style emphasizes solemnity and gloom which makes the image more attractive. Silver jewelry is a great option for various people.It can reflect the emotional mood and it is believed to redistribute or remove negative energy. Its variability and sensitivity in its nature make it embodiment material.

Black swan wing

Black swan Feather wings cape

This luxurious black swan Feather cape which takes the shape of wings is one of my favorite outfits.It closely resembles the black swan wing outfit which was featured in the movie “The Black Swan”.The reason why I like black swan Feather wings cape is that it is made from glamorous genuine feathers that were stitched together to the base of cotton cloth. These feathers have glossy iridescent of black and some bit of gold tones. This feather wing will perfectly suit my Halloween wear because of its unique elegance. The feathers are well spread and it is large. Additionally, I can wear it with my Raven costume.

The dark pride of Gothic clothing is evident and its touch and feel of the class is known. Gothic style is trending.When people hear of Gothic wear it brings the imagery of architecture because solemnity, tragic majesty, multi -layerdness and gloominess is depicted in the clothing.

Generally, goths' images should be mystical and mysterious. If you want to look bold, relevant, Gothic and appealing all you need is the Gothic accessories.

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